TOS Fellows Spotlight — Interview with Rachel Goldman, PhD, FTOS

By Edwina Yeung, PhD posted 30 days ago


Rachel Goldman

Fellowship is one of the highest honors The Obesity Society bestows. This week’s TOS Fellows Spotlight features a conversation with TOS Fellow Rachel Goldman, PhD, FTOS.

Q: What is your full name, credentials, and title? 

A: Rachel L Goldman, PhD, FTOS, Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice, Behavioral Director of Weight Management Solutions, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine


Q: What is your primary research question or clinical field?

A: My research interests include pre-operative predictors of success following weight loss surgery, disordered eating, and food addiction. My clinical interests include health behavior change, working with individuals pre-and-post weight loss surgery, as well as cognitive-behavioral treatment for obesity, disordered eating, and stress reduction.


Q: How long have you been in your career?

A: My post-doctoral fellowship was in obesity and bariatrics, which was in 2010 and I have been working in the area of obesity and weight management ever since!


Q: What excites you the most about your work?

A: I love helping people see that by making small behavioral changes they can improve their health and happiness. I also think it is so important to educate our patients and I truly enjoy educating them about the mind-body connection and how our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are linked.


Q: What advice do you have to offer early career obesity professionals?

A:  Get involved! One of the best things I did as a student, which I then continued to do as an early career professional, was to get involved in as many things as I could. As a student, I asked mentors or professors how I could get more involved (i.e. research projects, reviewing articles, shadowing) to get exposed to different things. As an early career professional, I got involved on committees and started to take leadership roles.  The more people you meet, the better and getting your name out there can never hurt. J


Q: What do you enjoy doing when not at work?

A: I do as I preach; I am a very active individual and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love trying new gym classes and enjoy spinning, bootcamp, HIIT as well as running. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family as well as traveling.


Q: Why did you decide to join TOS?

A: The answer to this question is a question--  how could I not have joined TOS? I work in the field of obesity and don’t see how anyone working in this field could not be a member of TOS.


Q: How has TOS helped your career?

A: I remember my first TOS annual meeting, when I was a student of Pat O’Neil’s and he introduced me to as many people as he could. The connections I have made through TOS have been invaluable.