Life as a Soon-to-be-former Grad Student in Obesity -- Finale

By Andrew Pool posted 04-25-2017 20:10


Is there any better feeling than clicking “Submit” on the Graduate School website after you upload your dissertation and all the required paperwork? I feel like a new man. A huge weight has been lifted. I can have my evenings and weekends back! I can be a person in the world again!

Needless to say, I’ve been riding pretty high since I submitted my dissertation last Friday. It was the culmination of four years of late nights writing papers while consuming too much caffeine. Now all that’s left to do is attend graduation and get hooded by my PhD advisor. It feels a little surreal, actually. I’m finally done with school. There aren’t any other degrees I’m interested in getting or that would be practical for me to pursue. Now I just get to focus on my career.

In an effort to get a head start on that, I accepted a Research Associate position at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia back in February. I’ll be working on research related to improving communication between parents and adolescents. I’m excited to see how I can integrate some of my research interests in obesity into our work. One area I find particularly interesting is how parents communicate with their teens about healthy eating behaviors and body image. If anyone can point me toward research in that area, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for following along as I completed this journey! Feel free to share any of your memories from grad school below. As always, if you have any words of wisdom or questions for me, contact me at

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05-06-2017 17:35

Congratulations! You're going into a very important area.  Go out there and do good work.